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Keep Our Kids Safe

#SticktoTheScience Petition

The coronavirus is still rapidly spreading in Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities across California. So why are we in a rush to open up our schools?

It is undeniable that this pandemic has affected every kid in our state. While many of us are eager to get back to our active and social lives, we must prioritize our kids' health and safety. This is not the time for "going back to normal". 

Most importantly, school districts' plans to re-open schools for in-person instruction this fall are rushed and short-sighted. Everyday, counties like Alameda and Santa Clara record increased cases of COVID-19. Additionally, more families and communities are getting access to and taking advantage of free testing for coronavirus.

On July 1, Governor Newsom paused reopening plans as "trends across the state went in the wrong direction". The fact is we are far from flattening the curve and containing the spread of this new coronavirus and COVID-19 disease.


We all want to see an end to this pandemic. As parents and family members, that means prioritizing the safety and health of our kids and families. Additionally, this also means we must ensure that our school districts develop clear plans for reopening schools for in-person instruction when the time is right. 


This is why we are calling for every Bay Area Public Health Officer and District Superintendent to #KeepOurKidsSafe. Everyone must acknowledge and commit to end unequal access to the social, emotional, academic and other student and family supports needed to survive this pandemic. There are weeks left before most Bay Area school districts are scheduled to reopen. As reopen plans are announced, we are concerned that Black, Indigenous and Immigrant families have lacked engagement in those decisions.


That's why we demand: 

  1. A renewed commitment from every Bay Area Public Health Officer, County Superintendent and District Superintendent to #StickToTheScience. Keep schools from reopening prematurely for in-person instruction this Fall 2020. As the state builds infrastructure to keep pace with the surges of COVID-19 cases, we demand you follow and implement the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization!

  2. A deeper investment from all Teacher Unions and School Districts to improve distance learning instruction for Fall 2020 and beyond. It is possible to have high quality distance learning that respects the real challenges that teachers and families are experiencing. Working together, we believe that distance learning can be transformed into a value-add process that allows teachers, students and their families to develop real partnership during this pandemic to #KeepOurKidsSafe. We demand that teachers unions and school districts work together to innovate in the coming weeks and serve as a model for the type of unity needed during this pandemic.

  3. A deeper investment into implementing Transformative Family Engagement Standards (TFES). Work with parents and families to implement shared decision making and co-design processes that improve communications about Fall 2020 plans. Support parents and teachers to work together to implement the state requirements in creative and equitable ways that benefit our Black, Indigenous and Immigrant kids. Most importantly, increase communication between Districts and State infrastructure to end unequal access to social, emotional, academic and other student and family supports.

We can #KeepOurKidsSafe!


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Join PLAN leaders and families to amplify our voices to Public Health Officers, County Superintendents and District Superintendents. They must stay grounded in the experiences of our Black, Indigenous and Immigrant kids and families who are directly impacted by the new coronavirus and Shelter In Place Orders. We need change now to help #flattenthecurve and #ShelterInPlace.

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